Online driving test in Ireland


Applying for a driver's license for immigrants in Ireland is a rather complicated process. Especially if the future driver does not know English well enough. This case is about how we created an online tool for teaching traffic rules in Russian and Romanian.

The customer provided testing services on driving theory in offline format. To expand the audience, it was necessary to transform it into an online tool. We developed a programmatic part of a personal account with paid access to training tests.

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Client story.

A feature of obtaining a license in Ireland is the absence of driving schools. First, the future driver takes a theoretical exam on traffic rules and then hires a private instructor for practical training.

Many migrants face the following problems:

  • Not good enough English
  • Difficult search for materials on traffic regulations in Ireland in their own language

The main source of information is books and disks with test questions. However, both are published mostly in English. Russian-speakers, for instance, do not always justify the invested funds. The electronic version is submitted in PDF format. It excludes its use in the format of interactive tests.

We were contacted by a customer who had the necessary material on the disk and in Google Sheets tables. All tests were translated from English into Russian and Romanian. The task that the customer announced was to create an online tool based on ready-made tests.

For many migrants, this would greatly facilitate training due to the following:

  • A complete set of the most relevant questions and answers on traffic regulations
  • Preparation in the native language with a duplicate version in English

Answers are prepared for each question. It allows users to learn that during the test. Passing online tests significantly increases the chance of successfully passing the theory exam.

Our solution.

As a result, we implemented several solutions:

  • Creating a website with a personal account
  • Access to 30 free questions with answers
  • Paid subscription with full access to the test database
  • The choice of the test language - Russian/Romanian
  • The opportunity to take the time limited test

We developed the project in SaaS format - users could work with a ready-made solution online using only a browser. The customer got the opportunity to attract a wider audience and keep the data up-to-date.

It was a unique solution. We developed the design, functions and programmatic parts for it.

The result.

Home page

Link to view: https://drivingtest.irish/

There is nothing superfluous on the first page. Just a product description and the opportunity to take a demo test.

Home page of the driving test website
Home page of the driving test website

Driving test questions

Link to view: https://drivingtest.irish/

The test consists of questions with multiple choices. There was a separate page for each question. Depending on the language chosen in the top menu (Russian/Romanian), the test uses the user settings and duplicates the information in English. This makes it easier for the user to remember the question in the original language.

By selecting the answer, the user can view the result here. If the answer is correct, it will be highlighted in green. If the answer is wrong - in red. An explanation is uploaded to each answer.

When buying a subscription, it becomes possible to set the time for passing the test for the limited time. This allows users to pass it in conditions close to the real ones during the exam. Usually 45 minutes are given for 40 questions.

Driving exam question page
Driving exam question page


The project was originally created for one language - Russian. Later, Romanian was added. The number of users who became subscribers of the platform is constantly growing due to recommendations both offline (among migrants) and online through groups, forums and communities.

The customer plans to expand the project to help other national minorities in Ireland. Tests in other languages will be added soon.

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