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Need to organize more than 350 decorations for wedding celebrations and to make the creative work of wedding decorators easier? Done!

This case is about how to automate warehouse accounting. And open the access to it to employees and also to wedding decorations tenants.

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Client story.

is a wedding decor agency that applied to us in 2018 with a non-trivial task. Over the years of its existence, the company has decorated hundreds of weddings and accumulated a large amount of decorations.

Its employees develop designs of banquet halls or exit ceremonies, making turnkey wedding celebrations.

The main problem the customer faced was the lack of a unified management system that would allow decorators to see certain elements in the warehouse to use them in their decor.

This was important because the company has always started several orders for the decoration of celebrations at the same time. And designers must make sure that the props for their projects will be in stock on the right day.

In addition, the decorators needed an application where they could create schemes for the design of the hall. In order to understand how many and what decorations they would need, as well as be able to present their ideas to the end customer.

During the conversation, we figured out what the customer wanted to get as a result:

  • To structure the work of decorators, simplifying it by accessing a centralized warehouse application.
  • To synchronize all projects where decorations are used in a single system to see the elements that are available on certain dates.
  • To arrange the system in the SaaS format (software as a service) to further provide paid access to this system to everyone who is engaged in such a business – decorators, photographers, etc.

Our solution.

Since the customer quite clearly and in detail stated the requirements for the future product, our tasks were to develop the design and to implement technical solutions.

As a result of close cooperation, we were able to create a platform with the specified parameters and offered to implement some additional modules, which we will discuss here later.

The result.

As a result, we have developed an ERP system for different roles with different interfaces for user tasks.

The following roles are performed in the application:

  • An administrator who has full access to all modules, including the financial one.
  • Decorators who receive information about an event and decorations.


In the control panel, according to the Google Tasks / Google Keep principle, a list of various tasks is displayed:

  • Planned purchases
  • Repair
  • Current tasks
  • Issues related to the rental of decorations

Here, the application user can create "reminders" about what must be done for the planned event.


The prototype of the ERP system's Tasks section
The prototype of the ERP system's Tasks section


The Tasks section of the ERP system
The Tasks section of the ERP system


In the Warehouse section, a list of available products is displayed by category. Decorators can choose the required products.

Each product has a name, quantity in the warehouse, a photo and the price.

When selecting a decor, system users can adjust the approximate estimate amount by adding or removing products.

Warehouse section of the ERP system
Warehouse section of the ERP system


For ease of use, the built-in calendar has an interface identical to the Google Calendar. Dates and planned events are displayed here.

The format is selected by users – they can enter only the event name, but they also can draw up the business plan minutely.

Calendar section of the ERP system
Calendar section of the ERP system

Product designer

The Product designer is a visual tool that makes it possible to create schematic images of decor objects.

It is easy to use, and it serves for decorators to think over the future decor and help them to draw up an approximate plan of a real banquet hall that will need to be decorated.

Product designer section of the ERP system
Product designer section of the ERP system

Hall plan

Decorators place the created objects using the Hall plan visual tool by arranging them according to the actual location. The dimensions of halls are also set here. Decorators can straight away see how many and what decorations will be needed.

For example:

  • Table 1.8 m – 5 pcs.
  • Rack – 3 pcs.
  • White blinds – 4 pcs., etc.
Hall plan section of the ERP system
Hall plan section of the ERP system

Choosing a celebration style

During the work with the customers, a decorator selects the style of an event and chooses certain decorations. The decorative element photo database is constantly updated in the application for this purpose.


The prototype of the ERP system's Designer section
The prototype of the ERP system's Designer section


Designer section of the ERP system
Designer section of the ERP system

Project details

Each event that was registered in the system contains information about customers with their personal data and contact details, about the event (its date, place, time, number of guests, etc.) and the hall plan created with the Hall designer visual tool.

System users can leave comments here. Users can download an estimate in Excel format containing the list of decoration elements and calculated pricing.

It is also possible to add a discount and export the estimate in Excel file format.

The prototype of the Project details section of the ERP system
The prototype of the Project details section of the ERP system


The platform was designed in modules. So its functions could be expanded by adding new tools to simplify the work of decorators in the future.

Any payment system can be connected to it. Moreover, it can be used not only as an internal product, but also as independent software for third-party specialists.

With our solution, the wedding decor agency streamlined the work of employees. It gained control over the warehouse of decorations, synchronized work on individual projects. And set up rental of ready-made decorations for wedding celebrations.

This project lasted about 6 months, regarding the additions that were developed during the development process.

However, the development and implementation of a similar ERP system can be optimized. With proper planning, the deadlines of about 2-3 months can be met.

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